The following is to give an idea of some of the things I am called to minister on and what I can do for a host ministry.  I am in no way limited to these things but I do have a calling and focus on them.

Any subject can be ministered to any group of people whether they are senior pastors, leaders or the congregation.  In each case, the way the message is ministerd will be appropriate to the hearers.

Senior Pastors...

1) What You Build With is What You Maintain With

Building the right financial foundation that will sustain the work continuously.

2) The Covenant of Levi

The Covenant of Levi was made with the minister and holds the promise of blessing to the minister.  Emphasizes the minister’s responsibilities in maintaining that covenant and why it is necessary.

3) Compensating the Ministry

A Biblical look into what God expects as compensation for the ministry staff.  Practical applications and examples of implementation of the Biblical plan.

4) Your Financial Relationship With the Congregation

The Biblical way of establishing your financial relationship with those you lead and why this will do more for you financially than anything else.

5) Building Fund Offerings

The Biblical example of building fund offerings and why it works.

6) Character and Integrity

The only things a person will take with them to heaven.  Some basics and fundamental Biblical guidelines that should always be followed.

7) Getting Things Done

How to organize yourself and get more done with less people, less stress and less waste.

Pastors and Leaders...

1) The Pastoral Ministry

A well rounded and extensive look into the many faceted ministry of the Pastor.  This helps the staff understand what the Pastor is responsible for and why they should support it.

2) How Church Works

A Biblical view of what is expected of involvement in church.  Deals with issues of commitment, unity, and submission to spiritual authority.

3) Changed Lives Prove Ministry

The measure of effective ministry is change.  The standards of the world have crept into the church and suggest that large gatherings prove success.  This is a look at how ministry should be measured.

4) Understanding Discipleship

Our great commission is to go and make disciples.  Not every Christian is a disciple of Christ.  Understand what a disciple is and how to bring people into discipleship.

5) Ministering in the End Times

The end times presents unique challenges in ministering in our respective cultures.  The assured way of victory is the Biblical way - particularly in the area of Biblical finances.

6) The Minister and His Family

The Biblical qualification for ministry is that the minister have his family in order rather than his ability to preach or teach.  This makes the minister and his family a critical factor in life and ministry.

Ministry on Finances...

1) Created for Dominion

God created and owns everything.  However, God gave dominion over all creation to mankind.  By design man was created for dominion.

2) The Blessing and the Tithe

The blessing of God is the empowerment that carries out man’s dominion.  This blessing is maintained in the tithe relationship.

3) The Curse and the Tithe

The curse came into the world when the man failed to handle God’s property according to His commandment.

4)  Tithing is Universal

Tithing is not a covenant specific principle.  The tithe spans from Genesis to Revelation and is therefore relevant today.

5) Tithing is About Order

The truth about the tithe is that it is a matter of honor and of our coming into God’s order.

6) Tithing is Dominion

Tithing is taking dominion - first over ourselves as an act of submission and honor.  A person cannot walk in dominion in life without returning the tithe.

7)  Where Does the Tithe Belong

A definitive scriptural look at where the tithe belongs - the local church.

8) The Anointing to Prosper

There is Biblical truth that there is an anointing to prosper.  This examines many instances where God prospered His people simply for His purposes.

9) Where Your Treasure Is

Your treasure is not the tithe.  The tithe is the Lord’s.  Your treasure is what belongs to you.  What you do with your treasure directs your heart.

10)  The Law of Action and Reaction

The Spiritual law of action and reaction governs the Kingdom of God.  The law of sowing and reaping is a natural example as an illustration of this law.  This explains the difference and why it is important.

11) Giving That Gets the Attention of Jesus

Jesus watched people in how they gave.  Jesus clearly stated what He considered to be considerable giving and it got His attention.

12) The Nature of Giving

Giving that is of God is not selfish giving.  As the first Giver, God established the nature of giving.  God is looking to bless givers that have His nature about them.

13) Changing Culture - Key to Prosperity

Culture can often interfere with our prosperity.  We must come into God’s culture to be blessed in life.

14) How Do We Prosper

God prospers the saint in what he puts his hand to.  Understanding how God prospers His people helps us cooperate with and flow in His blessings.

15) What is Prosperity

Prosperity is more than money but includes money.  A person should seek to prosper in every area of life.

16) The Blessings of Obedience

God blesses obedience.  When we make ourselves obedient to His will His blessings and provision flow.

The Holy Spirit and Revelation Knowledge...

1) Ministering From His Presence

Jesus ministered only from the Presence of God.  He said He only did what He saw His Father do and He only said what He heard His Father speak.  This is available to us and is the way we are to minister.

2) The Gift of the Holy Ghost

Addresses most every obstacle in receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.

3) Approaching His Presence

God’s presence is approached with respect and caution.  While we have an open invitation to come to the throne, we are to approach in a Biblical manner.

4) Holy Spirit, the Great Revealer

The predominant ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer is to lead them and to guide them into all truth.

5) The Truth About Vision

There is only one vision - that of the Lord Jesus Christ’s.  Beyond that, we have many different assignments that are to compliment each other.

6) A Godly Imagination

God created with us with the ability to imagine for His purposes.  The world has perverted this truth and bred fear into the church.  Godly imagination is necessary in our relationship with Him.

7) Seeing is Believing

The believer is equipped to see with their spirit.  We must discipline ourselves to not live life solely by what the natural eyes tell us.

8) Experiential Knowledge

While we do not seek experiences, God does want us to experience His revealing power experientially.

9) The Mirror of the Word

A human has never seen their own face with their own eyes, yet believes what they see in the mirror. The Word of God is a reflection of the realities of God and His spirit realm.